Which e-services can I, as a young person, use?

An e-service is a service that is provided and used via electronic channels, mainly through the internet or mobile phone. E-commerce and e-government provide e-services. With the development of internet, the amount of e-services in society has been constantly growing.

To find out which other e-services are available to young digital people, visit the Estonian state information portal https://www.eesti.ee/et/. Log in and take a look!   On the eesti.ee site you can see who has viewed your information. You can also access your health and education information, and, for example, who has paid taxes for you.  So, now it’s your turn to find your ID card and passwords and go discover the e-services that you’ll surely need in the future. Examples where you can’t get around using your digital signature (i.e. your digital persona):

●       You need it, for example, to register your place of residence with the Population Register (young people may need it when they change residence to go to university), because a lot of public services are linked to your address (e.g. free public transport).

●       You can also use your digital persona to file your tax returns in the e-tax board (for example, to get an income tax credit for tuition fees etc.).

●       In the patient portal, you can see your health records (including referrals, test results, and medical records) using your digital persona.

●       The digital persona is needed to vote in elections.

●       Also, if necessary, for a collective recourse to the Parliament.

 This article has been compiled by the Content Creation Team of the youth information portal Teeviit in cooperation with the Estonian Cooperation Collective www.kogu.ee

Published in the youth information portal Teeviit in 2020.

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