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About us

The youth information portal Teeviit guides and provides information and advice about education and studying, work and careers, relationships, health, and society. On the portal, you can find out about young people’s personal experiences, find contacts for advice and support and find out about offers and events. The content is arranged thematically every month, with each month focusing on a specific topic. Read more about Teeviit’s themed months.

Teeviit provides young people with relevant information in an age-appropriate and friendly way, taking into account young people’s interests and current trends. Information is immediately accessible, unbiased, reliable, verified, constantly updated and presented in a language and form that is suited to young people, whilst keeping up to date with the latest trends. Teeviit can also be found on social media channels: Facebook,  Instagram, TikTok and the Youtube channel ‘Teeviit tulevikku’.

The available information is based on surveys and interviews conducted with young people. It is developed at a national level and focuses on different topics that are put together with help from relevant collaborators. The activities of Teeviit are organised by the Education and Youth Board: www.harno.ee.

The digital youth information products (webinars, podcasts, short videos) available in this series are funded as part of the programme ‘The Inclusion of Young People at Risk of Exclusion and Improving their Employability’ that has been approved by the Estonian Minister of Education and Research, implemented by the Estonian Education and Youth Board and co-funded by European Social Fund.

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