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Kadri Koort

Youth information expert

I have been part of the youth information portal team since September 2017. My main task has been to interact with our partners and to disseminate information through the portal’s different channels. I also promote awareness about available youth information among those working with young people and disseminate information about the youth information portal among our collaborators.

Kaie Pranno

Youth information expert

I have been working on the Teeviit youth information portal team since August 2019 and my main tasks are the communication of youth information through the portal and other social media channels (including cooperation with partners), development of digital youth information methods, and development of youth information in cooperation with partners on a national level.

Liis Enson

Project manager

I joined the youth information team in July 2021. My task on the Teeviit team is to communicate with partners and communicate the information they provide through the channels managed by Teeviit. I also organize and coordinate events and activities that promote young people’s access to information through the portal’s different channels. I make sure that young people are involved in our activities and that their views are taken into consideration.

Elizaveta Cheremisina

Youth information expert

I joined the team in summer 2020. My role is to co-ordinate the work of volunteers. We manage the portal’s page in Russian and create content for the portal as well as for social media. It is important to me that young people’s opinions are heard by decision-making bodies. I represent young people who speak Russian as their mother tongue, and I work to make them equal partners in civil society matters.ž

Mari-Liis Vanaisak

Coordinator of Volunteers

Marieta Lokk

Coordinator of Social Media

I joined Teeviit in Autumn 2020. My role is to coordinate the social media team of Teeviit, together with whom I ensure that relevant information reaches every young person via engaging stories and pictures.

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