What is global warming?

There is increasingly more talk about global warming everywhere. Nowadays, global warming is one of the most serious problems. But what exactly does it mean?

What is meant by global warming?

The global average temperature has changed by 1 °C over the last 100 years. The Arctic is warming twice as fast. It does not seem like much, but nature is showing the signs: certain areas of land are turning into deserts, coral reefs are being destroyed and animal species are going extinct. The melting of Arctic ice and the resulting rise in sea levels and air pollution are also major problems.

How is climate changing?

Although it may seem like winters are getting increasingly colder, climate warming is still taking place. The fact that the weather is very cold in some regions does not prevent the average temperature from rising in other parts of the world.

What causes global warming?

Climate change is largely caused by human activity – gases emitted into the air due to the burning of fossil fuels, large dairy and meat farms, and logging. It is also caused by everyday activities such as driving a car and cooking. These activities emit greenhouse gases that lead to global warming. 

What can we do to stop global warming?

Climate change requires immediate action! To reduce our ecological footprint, we can separate waste, prefer walking over driving, choose paper bags over plastic bags, reuse clothes and old things etc.

Source: spunout.ie.

Written by Astrid Kaelep, a member of the content creation and collaboration team.

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