Kätrin Zupsmann: Reflections on the formation of values and beliefs

In the context of self-development and independence, it is also important to talk about values because they affect the way our everyday lives work. 

Values and beliefs can be ones you inherit from your family and ones that develop with you over time. People can value almost anything, from family and freedom to life and time.  In our opinion, beliefs could also be principles, for example, remaining always honest. Often, people’s beliefs are also called life patterns. 

Values, first and foremost, affect how we think every day, and which moments, people, and things we value. By valuing family and friends the most, we value the time we spend with them. By valuing equality, we think every day about how society could be more equal tomorrow. By valuing those opportunities that life has given us, we think back on those with nostalgia and gratitude. Beliefs influence rather how we act every day. By sticking to the idea that I myself am the most important person, we always put ourselves first. Thinking that it is important to accept all people, we do so.  By telling ourselves every day that we must be the best version of ourselves today, we wake up in the morning feeling that we are better than mediocre.

The things people value the most are basic, such as family, money, health, honesty, equality, freedom, and empathy. Family can teach us to value almost all of these, but it is often recognised that with time and experience, some of these values become more dominant while others become weaker. Over time, you could come to value self-love, friends, and time. 

People have different beliefs and a lot of them have developed over time. Some of the beliefs might, for example, be: “If you start something, put forth your best effort,” “If no one fights for equality then there can never be equality in the world,” and “Treat people with kindness”. Family can affect the formation of beliefs related to, for example, lying.

Everyone has created their own world and lives accordingly. It encapsulates all their beliefs and values that should not be judged by any other person. Still, people should not behave in an undignified manner towards others, using the lack of certain values as an excuse.

The values and beliefs listed here are generic and have been compiled by volunteers from Teeviit. We wish that people would think more about equality and themselves and valuing life.  Every day. 

The article was written by Kätrin Zupsmann, member of the Content and Collaboration team at the youth portal Teeviit.

Published in the youth information portal Teeviit in 2021.

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