Kaia Solnik’s story: what is good for nature is good for you

My name is Kaia Solnik and my ambition in life is to be as kind to the planet as possible. This has led me to do many different things. Examples include rescuing food from bins, civic activism, teaching and horticulture.

How did you get involved in environmental issues?

I became interested in environmental issues during my biology studies when I was exposed to all sorts of global and regional problems and, as an optimist, I was keen to find solutions. I set myself the goal of gaining a Positive Eco Footprint, so I have given up eating meat and processed foods as well as buying packaged food; I try to collect food from nature and grow it myself. I have created opportunities to educate others and organised environmental awareness events. I also worked as a teacher for a year to help broaden young people’s understanding of the world.

Which are the issues you most want to address and why?

Now, I feel more involved and challenged in the areas of food growing and nutrient cycling and I am getting more and more committed to creating a new system that is good and kind to both us and nature.

What do you think our future will look like in 10 years? What do you hope to accomplish in that time?

In 10 years’ time, people could all have their own bountiful gardens to forage in, they could be healthy and vital because their food is bursting with nutritional might!

I will try to continue my eco-trails and grow flowers and tomatoes in my own footprints.

How can young people contribute to preserving the environment?

To protect the environment, it is worth reflecting on your own consumption, habits, thoughts and actions. What impact does production and consumption have on nature, on yourself, on your neighbour or on your fellow earthlings, even those on the other side of the world?

What is good for nature is good for you – by protecting nature, you protect yourself!

Edited by Mariliis Lulla – member of the Content Creation and Collaboration Team of the youth information portal Teeviit, interview by Maris Praats

Published in the youth information portal Teeviit in 2021.

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