TIP: What should you do if you notice a disturbing post?

1. First, you need to save the post(s). That means that you should take screenshots, so you have saved evidence of inappropriate posts or bullying.

2. Next, you should send a message to the owner and let them know that you don’t like the posts they’ve made.

3. If that doesn’t help or you don’t want to talk to the poster yourself, the next step could be to notify the administrator of the environment or to report it.

4. You should always talk to your parents or to another adult whom you trust. If you’re scared to or don’t want to talk to an adult alone, talk to a friend and ask for their help to do it together.

You can call the Child Helpline free of charge at 116111 around the clock or go to www.lasteabi.ee

The important thing is that you’re not alone

with your concerns!

If you are exposed to disturbing online content, it is worth bringing it to the attention of your parents, teachers or a youth worker who can intervene if necessary.

In many cases, especially if the bullying is school-related, it can help to contact your teacher, the school’s IT manager, the educational technologist or another teacher. If you talk or write to your teacher and show them screenshots as proof, the school has a chance to help either to resolve the problem or to recommend next steps to take.

See also the Targalt Internetis website.

The material has been compiled by the youth information portal Teeviit based on Targalt Internetis www.targaltinternetis.ee.

Targalt Internetis (Smart Online) is an initiative by the Estonian Union for Child Welfare. The Union for Child Welfare is recognised as an advocate for children’s rights in society and, for best results, they focus on the most important issues in the field.

Published in the youth information portal Teeviit in 2022.

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