How can you protect yourself from theft?

Taking someone’s phone, bicycle, handbag, or any other possession without asking for permission is, of course, punishable. However, how can you protect yourself from theft?

1. Don’t leave your belongings lying around.

If you leave your things lying around or do not keep an eye on them, you may simply lose them. Always keep your personal and valuable things (e.g. bank card, mobile phone, documents, computer, and cash) nearby; if possible, put your personal belongings in a bag with a zipper or studs.

Theft is the most common type of crime against property. Most of such crimes are not planned ahead and are committed when the opportunity arises. For example, when a thief notices valuable items left in a car, a mobile phone sticking out of a pocket, or open doors or windows of a building.

2. Always lock your bike!

Bicycle thefts are very common. They are easy to steal and resell. Here’s how you can reduce the risk of bike theft:

  • Always lock your bike! Even if you’re just popping into a store.
  • Mark your personal information on the bike’s frame (such as your name and phone number). This makes stealing the bike more difficult and in the case of theft, returning your bike will be easier.

3. Remember — capturing criminals is the task of the police! Everyone can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a crime and increase the safety of themselves, their property, and their home.

Compiled by the youth information portal Teeviit based on information of the Police and Border Guard Board

The Police and Border Guard is tasked with ensuring public order, investigating and preventing offences, guarding the border, sea rescue, defining the grounds for and status of a person staying in Estonia, and issuing identity documents.

Published in the youth information portal Teeviit in 2022.

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