Energy drinks are not invigorating

An energy drink may feel like a lifeline in certain situations, but is this ‘source of fuel’ actually healthy? Energy drinks may be more harmful for your body than you think. Why is that?

Four reasons to give up energy drinks

  1. Although energy drinks are not a drug or narcotic, everyone, including healthy people, should be careful with energy drink consumption. An energy drink is not a sports drink, and the only ingredient in the beverage that provides energy is sugar. This means that if you intend to use energy drinks get better results in sports, it may have the opposite effect.
  2. The most widespread opinion is that energy drinks give you more energy, so it is easier for you to study or do other strenuous activities. In reality, energy drinks help your body use its existing energy reserves and provide nothing to the body aside from sugar. Energy drinks strain your body and cause you to feel much more fatigued later.
  3. High caffeine content is considered the greatest danger of energy drinks. Caffeine can cause anxiety, worry and serious heart problems, which is why it is important for people not to consume too much caffeine in a day. Since energy drinks have not been on the beverage market for very long, we do not know exactly how harmful they are for the body.
  4. In addition to a high caffeine content, energy drinks usually contain taurine, creatine, glucuronolactone, maidenhair (ie ginkgo), ginseng and milk thistle extract, ie substances that are not useful for the body.

The best drink for your body is pure water!

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