Webinar “Media and Information Literacy in formal and non-formal education”

Kadri Koort, noorteinfo suunajuht
Why is MIL so important? What is the best way to approach media and information literacy in schools and in non-formal education settings? The webinar will try to answer these questions, bringing concrete examples of how MIL activities with young people can be developed in both formal and non-formal education contexts.
The keynote speech will be provided by Alexandre Sayad, expert in the fields of education, culture and media, and international Co-Chairman of the Global Alliance for Partnerships on Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL), with his focus on “MIL and Education: The ‘spirit’ of our time”. The non-formal education sector will present Green MIL concepts and practices, as well as good practice of youth information providers in the field of media and information literacy.
Participants will have access to two related publications, the “Greening Youth Information Services” and the “Good Practice in Youth Information” booklets.

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