Effective Careers with the London School of Economics (LSE)

Kadri Koort, noorteinfo suunajuht
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Join a presentation and Q&A on having an impactful career by attending a top university!
We welcome all high-school and bachelor’s students to join us in a conversation about boosting your Effective Altruism-guided career by attending one of the world’s top universities for the social sciences — the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).
18:00 Introduction
18:05 What LSE is like
18:15 How top universities contribute to one’s impact
18:30 UK admissions
18:45 Questions & Answers
We’ll introduce Effective Altruism, discuss life at the LSE, and explain how to get in. We’ll end with a lengthy Q&A session, so ask any and all questions you have!
This event is co-hosted in English by LSE Effective Altruism and Effective Altruism Estonia. It is aimed at Estonian students, not current LSE students.
–> Eric Chen (bachelor’s student, Philosophy & Economics, LSE)
–> Andrea D’Souza (bachelor’s student, Philosophy, Politics & Economics, LSE)
–> Sami Petersen (bachelor’s student, Philosophy, Politics & Economics, LSE)
–> Risto Uuk (master’s alumnus, Philosophy & Public Policy, LSE)
–> Richard Annilo (Coordinator, Effective Altruism Estonia)
What’s Effective Altruism? It’s a research field and community of people aiming to use rigorous evidence and careful reasoning to determine the most effective ways to benefit others. For a good introduction, we recommend watching the short TED talk below by Will MacAskill, or reading the English or Estonian websites:

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