Youth Information Fair Teeviit 2017 | LIST OF EXHIBITORS
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To see the list of exhibitors please click on the name of the exhibitor sector and the list of exhibitors will open automatically.


Look HERE to see where the exhibitors are located.



1 – Nopi Üles

The project fund for regional ideas is meant for young people at the age of 7-26 in order to support the community self-initiative and fulfilling them. The activities support the active life of young people and  contribute to the local life development. Each project, which might be for example an event, a training course or buying ecquiptment, can be funded up to 2000 euros. The projects are funded until the year 2018.


2 – Trade Union Young people

Estonian Trade Union Confederation includes 18 branches of trade unions, that connect the workers of government and local government organizations, educated people, health care workers, transportation workers (including road, railway, sea and air transportation), workers of industries (energetics, light and food industry, wood processing, metal industry), journalists and people involved in the service sector (postal, communication, trade, service, hotel and cleaning sector workers, etc).


5 – Vabad Noored

The youth association Vabad Noored is an association acting in the composition of Eesti Vabaerakond, whose purpose is the broad involvement of the young people to the political life, shaping youth-related politics, communication with the public, protecting the interests of the target group and contributing to the development of Vabaerakond. The political mission of the association is to contribute to the development of a democratic, inclusive, and European-based Estonia.


6 – Noored Sotsiaaldemokraadid

We are the young people, who are united by the common wish to make life in Estonia better. Many of us are the leaders of their communities, pupil or student councils’ representatives, members of youth councils, athletes, culture makers. We are all connected with the main values of social democracy – equality, solidarity and justice.


9 – Sinine Äratus

The youth association of Eesti Konservatiivne Rahvaerakond has a special role. The young people have to keep the national and ecological sense of world within and outside the party – at home, in school, among their friends and later by creating their own families.


10 – Sotsiaalsete Ettevõtete Võrgustik

Estonian Social Enterprise Network’s (SEV) main goal is to increase the number of enterprises, their capacity and impact in Estonia, and to recognise social entrepreneurship as a field of activity in our society. At the fair we want to introduce the young people the project of Changemakers Academy, which has been going on for two years already and which goal is to teach the young people practical today’s skills and to bring them together with cool social enterprises.


11 – Eesti Keskerakonna Noortekogu

Eesti Keskerakonna Noortekogu main aims of the activities are: 1. Develop common activities for young people with centrist world view. 2. Introduce the ideas and centrist world view to the young people. 3. Support the raise of political culture. 4. Develop cooperation with democratic organizations within Estonia and abroad. The youth council may be a member of international and other political organizations and movements.



AIESEC is the world’s biggest youth organization that works in 120 countries all over the world. Our main aim is to develop young people leadership skills through practical experiences. You can go to become a volunteer or have a professional practice abroad through AIESEC.


13 – Eesti Skautide Ühing (Estonian Scout Association)

Estonian Scout Association is a country wide youth organization that offers non-formal learning to young people, and is a part of World Organization of the Scout Movement that has more than 40 million members. Our aim is to create the young people living in Estonia a diverse environment, which gives them the courage to challenge themselves, find their strenghts and to be raised as active, well-coping, and tolerant members of community. In order to achieve that we do, additionally to the youth work, our best to develop the youth field in Estonia, by doing active cooperation with Estonian governmental and youth field voluntary umbrella organizations.


14 – IRL Noored

IRL Noored is a conservative youth organixation that acts in the name of our aftergrowth being broadminded, knowing their opportunities, energetic, and lively.  IRL Noored is the most viable and attractive youth organization in Estonia, which actively participates in the organizing of Estonian societal life and offers to active young people who are interested in politics the best developmental possibilities.


15 – Eesti Noorteühenduste Liit

Estonian National Youth Council (ENL) is an umbrella organization established in 2002 and unites 43 youth organisations, 15 county youth councils and 70 local youth councils throughout Estonia. ENL promotes cooperation between youth associations and active participation of young people in society. ENL is working for recognition and participation of young people.

ENL brings to the fair of December 7th the Estonian Girl Guides Association and Tartu University Grass Science Agency, and on December 8th the Youth Council of Estonian party Reformierakond, Juvente Estonia and JA Alumni Estonia.



17 – European Union House

The aims of the European Union House are:

  • to explain Estonian people, how the EU policies affect their lives;
  • to give the Estonian government, governmental organizations and other interesed people trustworthy information regarding EU;
  • to give the Estonian press and media information regarding the most important events in EU politics;
  • to mediate the messages of the European Commission to the people of Estonia;
  • to give the Commission information regarding most important political, economical, and societal events in Estonia.


20 – Work & Travel

Culture Exchange programmes for young people to go abroad. Seasonal work programmes. Camp America. Au pair in America.


21 – YFU Eesti

YFU Eesti is the Estonia’s most recognised and oldest organization to deal with international pupils’ exchange.


22 – University College Birmingham

Based in the heart of the UK’s biggest regional city, University College Birmingham is highly respected by employers and industry for providing career-focused education and training. UCB specialises in vocational courses in both the Higher Education and Further Education sectors with a growing portfolio of Apprenticeships. Most of our undergraduate degrees are accredited by the University of Birmingham, one of the world’s top ranked academic institutions, and our reputation for excellence means the University is a popular choice for international students, who join us from more than 60 countries. We are committed to providing the best facilities for all our students and are investing £100 million on a comprehensive package of improvements that will secure our reputation for excellence.


25 – Study abroad

ASSE Estonia sends exchange students and pupils to abroad to study.


27 – SA Archimedes

International educational and youth programmes, scholarships.


31 – Seiklejate Vennaskond (Brotherhood of Adventurers)

Seiklejate Vennaskond is a youth organization, which helps the young people to discover the world through adventures. We offer young people at tge age of 13-30 the opportunities to participate in international projects such as youth exchanges, trainings, and European Voluntary Service (EVS).



49 – Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

Estonian Academy of Security Sciences is a higher education school under the administration of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, which prepares specialists on the levels of vocational, higher and masters  for wide spectre of interior defence organizations (e.g. police, boarder guard, rescue area, systems of justice and tax and customs). In those fields we conduct science and developmental work and offer for already working specialists the opportunity for in-service training in all work-related questions.


49 – Maksu- ja Tolliamet (Tax and Customs Board)

The Tax and Customs Board manages country incomes, implements national tax and customs policy and defends the society and legal economical activities.


50 – is a quality full solutions in traffic theory e-studies, which increases the competitiveness of the traffic school and their service for the student without the traffic school having to develop something by themselves. We offer always up-to-date learning materials, new methods, and a comfortable managing system. is popular amongst students and an effective marketing channel.


51 – One Touch Condoms

Manufacturing and selling medical and health products.


97 – Tartu Tervishoiu Kõrgkool

Tartu Tervishoiu Kõrgkool (Tartu Health Care College) is recognised in Estonia and internationally as the higher education institution offering  contemporary learning environment with healthcare, service and social training.


100 – TTÜ Eesti Mereakadeemia

Estonian Nautical Academy as a Tallinn University of Technology structural unit is the only unique competence center in Estonia, which offers multileveled nautical education and conducts specialty oriented research. The main bulding of the Nautical Academcy is based in Tallinn and there are different centers in Kuressaare. In Tallinn there are 5 higher applied sciences and 1 masters degree curricula, in Kuressaare there are 2 higher applied sciences curriculas in distance learning cycle.


101 – Kõrgem Sõjakool

National Defence and leadership.


101 – Kaitseressursside Amet

Accounting for Defence Forces, assessment on the healt state, recruitment for compulsory military service, managing army recruitment.


102 – Civitta Eesti AS

Konsultatsioon ja ürituste koordineerimine.


103 – Zebra Traffic School

We offer traffic and driving courses with professional traffic teachers. We appreciate the personal approach and we deal with every student personally. It is possible to get the licences for AM (moped), A and B categories.


104 – SCULT – World Sport Volunteers Movement

Volunteering, volunteer activities, sports volunteering. SCULT participates in the special youth work project on Teeviit 2017!


105 – Estonian Nautical School

Estonian Nautical School is a developing educational institution, that offers nautical vocational education, where it’s guaranteed to have a preparation of internationally recognized shipping experts. We participate in nautical education decision making processes and are a considerable cooperation partner.


110 – Eesti Punane Rist

Part of international Red Cross movement.


111 – Baltic-American Freedom Foundation

Scholarship programmes in U.S.A. for students because of professional practice and for scientists because of research work. Leadership Academy for 11th grade pupils, which lasts for 1 month.



33 – SouthWestern Advantage 

Southwestern Advantage (SWA) is an USA direct selling company, where already since 1868 is offered to the students the opportunity to get a thorough entrepreneurship and sales training from the top leaders of their field, and after that spend their summer travelling in America, selling educational books from door to door, and collecting money for their studies. Estonian students have participated in the programme actively from 2001 and are acting under the name of Southwestern Advantage Estonia. During the years we have grown to be the Estonia’s biggest student organization – we have around hundred teamleaders working and each summer more than 200 new students put themselves to test in the US.


36 – Europass Centre 

The documents of Europass have been created in order to people to describe as simple as possible their skills and qualifications.  On Teeviit we mainly focus on writing a CV and introduction of vocational education that is involved with our vocational certificate annex.


37 – CV-Online Estonia’s mission is to bring together the companies offering meaningful jobs and dignified working environments with the busy working people who are looking for new job challenges and are focused on the personal development. Put us on the test!


38 – Manpower OÜ

Manpower is one of the world’s leading recruiting companies. We have more than 65 years of experience in recruiting and renting out empoloyees. In Estonia, we have helped people to find the jobs that suit their life and work style and businesses to reach their goals since 2004.


40 – Tallinn University

Tallinn University is the biggest humanitarian and social sciences university in Tallinn and the third biggest university in Estonia. Our university has the Estonia’s longest traditions in teachers training and the newest movie and media school in the Baltics. In Tallinn University you obtain higher education on an international level in a creative and free environment.


41 – Rakvere Ametikool

Rakvere Ametikool is the biggest vocational education facilities in the county of Lääne-Virumaa. There are approximately 750 students studying from different counties of Estonia.


42 – Nordica



43 – OPIQ

Digital Estonian studying and teaching materials (textbooks and work books) for schools.


44 – CV Keskus

CV is Estonia’s most popular work portal, where there is twice as many job offerings as in any other portal in Estonia. Come and look around on, find yourself a suitable challenge and apply! Also you can read useful articles in our career centre. For example, you can find there good advice on how to compile a CV and a cover letter. We, in CV Keskus, work every day in order to everybody to find the best job!


45 – Tallinna Tööstushariduskeskus

Vocational institution that offers the following fields – textile and trade; beauty services; mechanics; logistics; transportation; electronics, IT.


47 – Sky Plus

It’s a rule that in the morning it goes light outside. More or less. Or actually we do not see at least half of the year even during the daytime normal light. The doctors would recommend to eat a bunch of vitamins, to guarantee the elementary energy levels. Radio Sky Plus family medicine center prescribes you the Morning programme! Do it fives times a week after eaking up or before drinking coffee or while eating your morning porridge or driving to work. First, it’s cheap, it does not cost anything. Second, it’s very efficient – sometimes even 5 minutes is enough, to boldly hang in there for the next 24 hours. The only side-effect that may appear, is a stupid smile on your face for the whole day. On the fair – put your DJ mixing skills to the test and stop by the radio Sky Plus MusicMix stand. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat @raadioskyplus


48 – Eestisisene õpilasvahetus

VeniVidiVici Õpilasvahetus organizes pupil exchanges within Estonia to the pupils from grades 7 to 12. The pupils have the opportunity to study for 1 or 2 weeks in anouther school of Estonia. Pupils, schools, and accommodators can participate. Our goal is to give every young person the opportunity to discover themselves as their home country and to experience something during the exchange that will change their lives.


77 – Eesti Töötukassa (Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund)

We support people throughout the working life. We support the young people stepping into the working field, the long-term unemployed people returning to work, the people who move from job to a job, and workers, who need support for staying at work because of few skills or due to decreased work capacity. We support employers in finding and preparing the right work force, creating and customizing jobs, and making rearrangements.


77 – Eesti Avatud Noortekeskuste Ühendus (Estonian Association of Open Youth Centres)

The Estonian Association of Open Youth Centres is a national umbrella organization that unites open youth centres in Estonia.


78 – Association of Estonian Career Counsellors

The Association of Estonian Career Counsellors is a non-profit organisation that unites specialists who are interested in developing a career guidance system in Estonia and protect the occupational interests of those who work in this field. The career counselling stands are open all young people on 7th and 8th of December at 12-16.


79 – Peipsi Koostöö Keskus

World Education. Environment Education. Online studying materials.


80 – Euroakadeemia

Education in applied higher sciences and masters level. Business management, translation, environmental protection, interior architecture, fashion design.




65 – Eesti Põllumajandus-Kaubanduskoda

The Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce coordinates the evaluation of foodstuff quality and issues the Approved Estonian Taste mark of origin and quality (symbolised by a swallow) and the Approved Taste mark of quality (symbolised by a cross). The swallow trademark may be applied for by producers who use Estonian raw materials in their products. The cross trademark may be applied for by all European Union companies situated within Estonia.


81 – TTK University of Applied Sciences

TTK University of Applied Sciences is Estonia’s biggest university of applied sciences in the field of technology, which graduaters get the diploma of higher applied education. There are approximately 2000 students studying in the school. Starting from the year 2017/2018 you can study in six institutes in the fields of technology, manufacturing, technology, architecture and building and you can choose between 15 different curriculas: applied architecture, environmental technology and management, building constructions,. applied geodesy, managing real estate, machine constructions, technological materials and marketing, electric technology, techincal design and technology of clothing, resource management of clothing and textile fields, car technology, transportation and logistics, rail road technology, manufacturing and management. TTK University of Applied Schiences’ curriculas have unlimited teaching rights and the quality of the studies is guaranteed.


85 – Merkuur OÜ – mobile workshops

Mobile workshops conducted as a mobile service in order to introduce the wood and metal industry sector occupations to young people.


89 – Association of Estonian Electrical Work Entrepreneurs

Organizing cooperation in the field of electrical entrepreneurship, being the awarding body of the electrics and automatics fields occupations, organizing vocational education in the field.


93 – Tallinn Lasnamäe School of Mechanics

Vocational studies: transportation technics, metal processing, automatics, construcion; adult in-service trainings, organizing occupational examinations.


145 – Harju Elekter AS

Harju Elekter produces electrial equipment.  The concern acts in 2 segments of business – producing, and real estate and other unsegmented activities.


146 – Tallinn School of Economics

Tallinn School of Economics offers 5th level vocational education in the fields of economy, business, law, and administration.


129 – Olustvere Teenindus- ja Maamajanduskool

Vocational and vocational secondary education curriculas. Workbased training. Short trainings in the fields of accommodation, service, cooking, accounting, agriculture, beekeeping, textile handcraft, glass blowing and ceramics.



141 – SEB Pank

Issuing ISIC cards and offering pension funds.


142 – Swissôtel Tallinn

Hospitality, tourism, accommodation, catering.


143 – Stockmann AS

Retail trade.


144 – Kantar Emor

Kantar Emor is a company of research and consultation.


95 – GAUS

GAUS makes recruitment work without CVs. Unlike general recruitment tools, GAUS uses already available social data, aligns the expectations with an interactive chatbot and combines that with machine learning algorithms and recruitment know-how to provide high accuracy matches.


96 – Kolm Põrsakest (Three Piglets)

The aim of Tree Piglets is to develop in children the interest towards science. Everybody must not become scientists, but we want that the children would take interest in the world, how it works and take interest in nature and preserving it. With science experiments we make the chemistry and physics laws easy to understand  to big and little ones. Foremost, it is important to let the children experiment themselves to see how one or another thing works in this world.


98 – Futuruum

Activities of Virtual Reality Centres. Organizing trips, events and birthday parties. Promoting educational VR, developing virtual reality. Promoting the field.


113 – Urumarja Youth Camp

Youth camp, which purpose is to offer enetertainment for children and young people throughout the camp shift.


113 – MTÜ Olelukoe

Youth camps, school excursions, integration projects, youth work.


113 – Rahvusvaheline tantsulaager Camp of Hip-Hop

Healthy and developing vacation of young people.


117 – Meero Muusik Huvikool

Music hobby education.


117 – Eesti Tantsuagentuuri Tantsukool (Estonian Dance Agency Dance School)

The dance school of the Estonian Dance Agency offers dance activities and studying opportunities for all ages starting from kindergarten children and finishing with adults. The studying activities are built up on the skills of using students’ physique, developing creativity and general cultural knowledge. The aim of the school is to offer dancing hobby education that is based on modern learning methods. The learning activities can be learnt on three different levels – beginners level, main level, dancing training – the last level’s graduates have the prerequisites and good preparation in order to continue their studies in the dance field in universities of Estonia or abroad.


117 – Capoeira Berimba

Sports, health, youth activity.


117 – Innovaatilise Hariduse Keskus OGOGO

We love science, value innovation, we are crazy for robots and we adore working with children and young people. We like the unlimited and charming world of Lego. We believe, that education is a wonderful and unforgettable adventure. We are crazy for high tech, robotics, programming, mechantronics, and in the best way possible! Our mission is to raise young engineers from children, who like and take interest in new technologies. We increase the children’s wish to think of something original and put their thoughts into practice.


117 – Dance Club Mustad Kassid

DANCE – street dance and other dance styles, performances, camps, workshops, festivals, and competitions.


122 – Estonian Academy of Arts

Architecture and town planning, animation, art of jewellery and blacksmith, photography, graphics, graphical design, ceramics, environmental design, art of glass, art of design, art science and visual culture, painting, media graphics, fashion design, heritage protection and conservation, art of leather, design of accessories and binding, space design, interior architecture, sculpture, scenography, textile design, product design, urbanism, new media.


155 – Ruutu10

Workshops, that don’t only give you great improv skills, but also necessary communication skills, that bring new opportunities in your life.


156 – Rakke Robootikud (Rakke Robotics)

The young people participating in our hobby groups are building robots, programming, getting to know 3D modeling and printing. We participate on many competitions and during the time we prepare for different competitions we learn new things. In between building robots we play together football and table games, bake cakes and make music.



K1 – Froosh

Natural smoothies.



K2 – Exit Room

Escape rooms.


K3 – Kane’s

Food industry.


K6 – GKR Trade

Vitamin Well. Wholesale of drinks.


K7 – Vahvlihaldjad



K8 – Coffee Car

Coffee beverages.



VirtuaalRuum is a gaming room offering VR experience in three fields. This not only meant for gamers, but also for everybody to get new experiences!

The Youth Information Fair Teeviit 2017 takes place on 7th and 8th of December 2017 in Tallinn, Estonian Fairs Centre. THE FAIR IS FREE FOR VISITORS!