Youth Information Fair Teeviit 2017 | GENERAL INFORMATION
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Come and be an exhibitor for Youth Information Fair Teeviit 2017!

Why should you become an exhibitor?


  • More than 5000 young visitors from all over Estonia
  • An opportunity to show the attractiveness of different sectors to future talents
  • To break stereotypes common to sectors
  • To discuss the connections between education and work with young people.
  • To introduce expectations and necessary skills on the labour market
  • To help young people find the way to their true vocation

A young person today is an employee tomorrow. Teeviit gives you a great opportunity to introduce your organisation, opportunities for training, job shadowing and tours, and maybe even first job experience.

Don’t miss your chance! Come and introduce yourself to your future employee!


What is different this year?

More than ever before, this event focuses on how to bring together educational choices and actual work of young people in a way that their career choices would correspond, as well as possible, to their interests and abilities, and at the same time meet the needs of the labour market.
Young people want to know which skills does the labour market need, which are the tasks they will be doing, and how to prepare themselves for that. They want to gain experience and find out if the field or job they considered suitable would actually be the right one for them.

Teeviit 2017 aims to please young people by gathering together educational institutions, employers, support services, providers of voluntary and recreational activities and other parties. This way, a young person can get as diverse and comprehensive overview of a field as possible, including opportunities, prospects and requirements of the field, and can thus make considered decisions.

What preparations are made by a successful exhibitor?

A successful exhibitor knows:

  • how to introduce his/her institution, field, sector in a memorable way to young people
  • which materials to hand out to interested young people
  • who is suitable to present young people the opportunities of the organisation
  • which are the opportunities for young people to take part in trainings, courses, seasonal work, practice or voluntary activities within the organisation

Let young people test, try, explore, see, experience, do and ask. Teeviit gives you a good opportunity to promote yourself and make yourself attractive and interesting to young people.


Come and enjoy the fair and give your contribution to young people on finding their vocation.

The fair program, special projects and a program for fields, and information for exhibitors will be published on an ongoing basis on the website of Teeviit If you happen to have a nifty idea on how to introduce yourself or your field to young people in a clear and attractive way, please let us know as early as possible by writing us via

This year we will prepare materials with worksheets to young people, introducing fields and special projects. We also expect that young people who visit the fair are prepared to meet exhibitors.


See you at Youth Information Fair Teeviit 2017!

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Youth Information Fair Teeviit 2016 will take place on 1-2th of December at Estonian Fairs Center, Tallinn.