Youth Information Fair Teeviit 2017 | FAIR ADDITIONAL SERVICES
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  • Free WiFi service is offered in the Estonian Fair Centre by Elisa Eesti.
    We are increasing the power of the WiFi connection, so it will work when we have thousands of people in the fair hall at the same time. The exhibitors and visitors will have separate WiFi networks. The exhibitor WiFi settings will be sent to all exhibitors.
  • Payable wired internet connection is offered by LinxTelecom Estonia. The cost of the service is 70 € + VAT (whole fair period). In order to book the service, please contact the sales department at least 2 days before the beginning of the fair through or +372 622 3360.



Catering for exhibitors is offered by Olustvere Teenindus- ja Maamajanduskool. The catering will be managed with talons.

The talons are as following:

  • Set 1 – appetizer, main course, dessert, berry juice – 5 €
  • Set 2 – main course, dessert, berry juice – 4,50 €
  • Set 3 – soup, dessert, berry juice – 4 €

The talons should be ordered the latest by 27.11.2017. Please send the order to e-mail and add to CC Birgit Rasmussen ( Please add the payment information also to the order so an invoice can be issued (company/organization name, address, reg nr). Please mark down the number of talons and days when you need catering. If there is anyone from your team, who has special needs regarding food (allergies, intolerances, etc), then please mark this information also into the order.



Additional wristbands can be ordered via e-mail until 11.11.2017. During the period 06.12-18.12.2017 the wristbands can be bought from the information desk in the hall C.


Wristband with the participant card costs 5€. Paying with invoice.



Every exhibitor will be given one free parking period card, where you have to mark one registration plate number. Additional parking period vards can be ordered via e-mail until 10.11.2017. During the period 06.12-18.12.2017 the parking period cards can be bought from the Estonian Fair Centre information desk next to the main entrance of the fair centre.


The parking period card costs 9 € (payable with invoice). During the fair it is also possible to buy one-time parking tickets from the parking manager in the entrance of the parking lot with the cost of 3 € (cash only).